Friday, June 09, 2006

Volume I, Issue V--May Newsletter

President’s Corner:
The May meeting had over 25 people attend. We had four new knitters come and at least two new ones from last month returning. Thanks to Terri Derrick, who handles our new knitters program, we had plenty of beginner kits on hand. Don’t forget, if you run across size 8 or size 9 needles, grab them! They are perfect for learning the basic stitches.

We have a new volunteer librarian. Carolyn Faircloth has graciously agreed to take care of our newly aquired library books and magazines. You would not believe the wonderful variety of hard back books, Vogue and Knitters magazines, and some others we have been gifted with. Lace knitting, fairisle, socks, technique books, stitch libraries, and much more!

Also, Carolyn has asked that you save your large cereal boxes so she can make magazine holders. Just brush out the crumbs from the empty boxes and bring them to guild. Thanks!

This month come prepared with tips or techniques for knitting. Or you can email the guild with a tip or techique and we will compile them on a sheet to pass out.

Where We Meet
We meet the 3rd Sunday of every month at the Belle Isle Library from 3:00 pm to 5:00 pm in a downstairs conference room. We are allowed to bring food and drinks as long as we don’t take them into the book area.We are on a 6 month trial period to see if library patrons are interested in the Guild. There will be a sign up sheet at the reference desk and the library will be keeping a head count to see how many people actually show up. Please remember to call ahead or go sign up just to show there is interest – thanks!

Upcoming Programs
June 18th – Handy Knitting Tips and Techniques – Jo-Ellyn Wheeler (no homework)
Show and Tell

July 16th – How to do Enterlac – Kathy Knox

Aug 20th – Advanced Socks – Ginny Queior

Sep 17th – Learn Lace with a Pro – Gloria Reich (no homework)
Build the Guild – Membership Drive

Oct 15th – How to Make a Needle Caddy – Marcia Davis
Swap Meet

Nov 19th – Show and Tell Holiday Knitting

Dec 17th – Guild Holiday Party

A Cast-on of Many Colors
Emily Schnabl, Guild Scribe

Sara Braden taught us a new cast-on at the May meeting, the Kihnu Troi cast-on (not to be confused with Star Trek: The New Generation's Deanna Troi), a colorful cast-on illustrated particularly in Nancy Bush's Folk Knitting in Estonia .

By alternating with a light and dark colored yarn, the cast-on resembles a lovely braid on the edge of the knitted item. (Well, unless the knitter who was doing this cast-on was me, in which case the colorful braid looked more like a loopy mess of yarn.)

While some of us struggled with this cast-on, Sara was quite patient, and worked with those who wanted to master the art of the Kihnu Troi.

Book Review
Margaret Bauer, Gourmet Yarn Company

Big Girl Knits
By Jillian Moreno and Amy R. Singer
Big Girl Knits features 25 patterns for women size 14 and up. Patterns include pullovers, tees, skirts, and accessories. This book will help you learn how to make garmets that fit and flatter your body while providing humor.

The book provides a very informative section on measuring, choosing the right yarn, colors and styles. Also a help section that even includes how to do short-row darts. The book walks you through calculating everything using charts – even has socks! A very useful book to add to one’s library.

Needle Review
Keely Stuever, Sealed with a Kiss
New from Lantern Moon - DESTINY circular needles.
Handcrafted from Ebony and Rosewood using their new ³liquid silk² finish for
the smoothest and fastest wooden needle on the market. The cables are soft
and pliable. The joins are smooth, not quite as smooth as the Addi Natura
circulars, but close. The needles also turn at the joins, like the Crystal
Palace circulars. Available in sizes 4 through 11, 26² and 32² lengths, in
both Ebony and Rosewood. $23.95