Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 7 July 2007

Hello to all Knitters!

Our July meeting was FANTASTIC!! We had 21 people at our meeting - 11 of them were first time visitors and new to knitting. It was so exciting to see all the people who knit working with those who wanted to learn. A big thanks to so many of you who pitched in and helped out - you all are the BEST! I am looking forward to next month to see what they have accomplished during our absence. For those of you who were not able to make it, we missed you and look forward to seeing you next month. Have a wonderful month knitting!

************************ Reports ************************

Charity Knitting (Kathy Knox)
Kathy discussed updates on meeting with our contact at Baptist's NICU. She also talked about the Precious Pals program with TKGA.

Librarian (Bethany Mickle)
Bethany showed us a few examples of books we have available in our library. She also presented a new book that was sent to us from a Sales Rep with Tauton Press. The title of the book is "When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters."

Beginning Knitters & Social (Terri Derrick)
We are doing well with our donations at this time; however, we appreciate any donations that can be used in putting together our beginning knitters totes.

Treasurer (Keela Mostek)
We still have several donated memberships available. If you would like to become a member of the Knit Guild and cannot make a monetary donations, please see Keela or any one of the board members.

Secretary (Brenda Asher)
We have our own web domain name now. Linda and I are in the midst of learning about it and trying to get it up and running. I am hoping that by August, we can have you accessing our web site instead of the blog.

************************ Old Business ************************

Profile Sheets
We thank all of you who have filled out a profile sheet. If you have not filled one out, you can pick up a profile sheet at the entry table at our meeting. If you need to update your information, you can email Carolyn or get with her at our next meeting.

2008 Educational Program
We are working on our educational programs for next year. If you have an idea of something you would like to learn or teach, please let one of the board members know.

Membership Packets
Our membership packets are close to being finished. Here are some of the things our packets will include:
>>> a membership card
>>> a copy of our by-laws
>>> TKGA application
>>> a list of current books in our library
>>> Knit Guild Membership Directory
>>> Officers contact list
>>> charity guide and pattersn
>>> A list of Oklahoma yarn shops
This should be available at our August meeting.

Promotional Fliers
The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library has graciously created, printed and helped in distributing fliers about the OKC Metro Knit Guild. Fliers have been posted all around town at each of the libraries and in various other locations. A BIG thanks to Anita and others involved in this project!!

*********************** New Business *************************

Thank You Card
A thank you card was sent to Taunton Press for their book donation. All members at the guild meeting had the chance to sign their name to it.

Stitch and Pitch
For those of you who love to knit AND love to watch baseball, here's your chance. On August 6th in St. Louis, there will be a "Stitch and Pitch" event. For more information, you can check out their website at

********************** Educational Program ***********************

Keela Mostek did a wonderful job of showing us how easy it is to enter a knitted item in the Oklahoma State Fair. She talked about the various categories that you can enter an item in, showed us the paperwork involved, and showed us various samples of work (and her BLUE ribbons) that she has entered into the State Fair. Thanks for such a wonderful job, Keela!!!