Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 10 October 2007

Welcome back to Susan, our Guild Founder. It was good to see her smiling face at our meeting Sunday. We also had lots of new faces visiting us for the first time. A big WELCOME to everyone who came to the meeting for the first time. It is great to see our guild growing. If you weren’t at the meeting, here’s what you missed!

******************** Reports ********************

Guild Library (Bethany)
Bethany reminded us of the various types of books available for member use. She showed us one book about Teddy Bear Knits. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to http://www.okcknitlibrary.blogspot/. If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Terri Derrick)
· Holiday Party: Our holiday party will take place in December. If you would like to help or have some ideas for some activities, please let Terri know. Terri has set up a database on our yahoo group page that will allow you to sign up and show what you will be bringing. Check it out at:

Finances (Keela Mostek)
Keela gave us an update on Finances.

Swap Meet (Susan Barrington)
Reminded us how the swap works – you can exchange yarn, knitting accessories, or magazines for equal value. If you weren’t able to participate in this one, we will do another swap in March of next year.

********** Old Business **************************

Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: A list of the educational topics has been set up for the new year. We will get them posted within the next few weeks.

TKGA – The Knitting Guild Association: Information and applications are available at each meeting. If you would like to join TKGA, you can fill out one of the applications or enroll online. If you want further information, check them out at

Nominating Committee: A committee was set up to take names for next year’s election. Two of our board officers – President and Secretary – will be voted on and replaced in January. The other two board officers – Vice President and Treasurer – will stay on an additional year to help with incoming officers. If you have anyone that you would like to nominate for the office of President or Secretary, please let the following people know before or by December 8th:
Brenda Asher
Anita Roseler

**************** New Business ***************************

Metro Family Magazine: We are CELEBRITIES!!! The OKC Metro Knitting Guild was spotlighted in the October issue of Metro Family Magazine. You can find copies of the magazine wherever free publications are hosted (such as WalMart).

Build-A-Bear: There was some discussion about getting together as a group one afternoon at either Penn Square or Quail Springs Mall to stuff a bear and then sit and knit. Not only would it create exposure for the Guild, but would also aid in collecting bears and bear sweaters for our Precious Pals charity program. If you are interested in participating, contact Kathy Knox or Terri Derrick.

******** Educational Program - Mosaic Knitting *********

A big THANKS to Jo Ellyn for sharing her multitude of knitting skills with us. Jo Ellyn introduced us to Mosaic Knitting at our October meeting. She showed us how easy it is to knit two colors together into various patterns. Thanks Jo Ellyn for doing a great job!

November Meeting: CyberKnitting
Sunday, November 18 @ 3:00 p.m.