Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Volume 4, Issue 2, February 17, 2009

From the President:


I am always excited when I come from Guild meeting and today was no exception. Seeing what everyone is working on is always so inspiring. Along with that, Polly did a great job of talking about and showing us pictures of how knitting is often used as an expression of art. Knitting is truly an art - whether we knit a sweater, a throw, or a comfort shawl, we are all showing our inner selves in each stitch we knit.

Next month we begin a three-month series on Knitting Socks. Carolyn has a wonderful idea she is going to share with us as she teaches us how to begin knitting our socks. I hope you all can join us next month for this project.

Thanks to all who were there today. Keep knitting!


Brenda Asher


Guild kicked off at 3:10 with Brenda welcoming 2 visitors. We shared our current projects, which ran the gamut from the 'Dead Fish Hat' from Knitty.com, to socks, scarves, sweaters, shawls, and we even had a crocheter share an afghan! We have a most talented group of knitters!

Executive Board Reports

Newly elected treasurer, Judy B. reported that we began the year with $708.97, we collected $40.00 in dues, and had no expenses, bringing the balance to $748.97.

Linda P. gave the charity knitting report, acknowledging the appreciation the Guild has for those who donated bears. The Guild is always seeking bear donations for our TKGA charity project. Additionally, the contest to see who would knit the largest number of baby items for the Integris NICU charity knitting project was won by Inez P. The prize was a $20.00 gift certificate from the Gourmet Yarn Company - way to go Inez!

Old Business

Membership discussed which event to attend to promote the Guild. Several were considered, and the Guild will be pursuing the opportunity to demonstrate the craft at the State Fair of Oklahoma. New opportunities mentioned included September Fest at the Governor's mansion and the Chisolm Trail Museum in Kingfisher.

World Knit in Public Day was discussed with suggestions for T-shirts and where to meet.

Our president used the 'parking garage' method to gather ideas from the membership for both the Knit in Public day and what, who, where, and when Guild could hold a Seminar/Author presentation. The Knit in Public day chosen was June 13, and several ideas were discussed for locations. Plans will be formalized and finalized over the next few months for the Knit in Public event. The Seminar will take longer and will be revisited over the following months.

New Business

Satuday, April 25 was chosen for the Metro OKC Knit Guild's first shop hop. Where to meet and which shops to visit will be decided at the March meeting. All are welcome, as are knitting (and crocheting) friends.

Polly gave our monthly educational presentation on "Knitting as Art". She discussed the creative aspects of knitting with regard to choice of materials, use of color and utility. She had many examples of 'knitting as art' including multi-dimensional sculptures and other pieces on display at art museums around the country. Her talk sparked our imaginations and I believe we will look at our craft differently because of it.

The meeting adjourned for a time to allow for ideas to be discussed among the membership, and to have a little chat/knit time.

Next month's meeting will be held Sunday, March 15. Please join us - and bring a friend!

Carolyn F. will be teaching socks and advises members who would like to participate to bring worsted weight yarn and a set of size 6 double pointed needles.

Knit on!