Saturday, June 23, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 6 June 07

Despite the fact that it was Father’s Day, we had a great turn out at the last Guild meeting. If you weren’t there, we missed you LOTS and hope to see you next month!

***************** Reports *****************

Charity Knitting (Carolyn Faircloth)
Hats, blankets, and bunting sets are still needed to help out local hospitals.
We are still looking for ways to collect bears to go with our TKGA charity project. If you have any donate or know of someone who would be willing to donate a bear, please let one of the board members know. We are hoping to make a presentation of our bears and sweaters in December.

Guild Library (Bethany)
A complete list of the titles available for checking out from the guild library is now available online. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Carolyn Faircloth)
The public Knit In day was a huge success. Thanks to Terri and Anita for all their hard work in coordinating and getting this event together. Everyone who went had a wonderful time and new friends were made.

Finances (Keela Mostek)
There are 6 memberships that have been donated. If you would like to become a member and are unable to donate at this time, please see Keela and she will get you set up as a member.
A separate account has not been set up yet for the guild. We are still looking into the options and trying to figure out what will be best for the guild in the long run.

Secretary (Brenda Asher)
We are still working on the new website and hope to have that up and running before the summer is over. Thanks to Linda Pahdoco for all her hard work getting it started.
Knit Guild History Scrapbook: I am going to start working on a scrapbook showing the history and current happenings for the guild. If you have any information and/or pictures on how the guild was started and past meetings and events through now, please let me know. I would like to get it going and up to date by mid-August.

***************** Old Business *****************

Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: We are working on getting our list of presenters lined up for 2008. If you would like to present at one of our meetings, please let Carolyn or one of the board members know. In addition, if you have any good ideas for next year, let us know!
By-Laws & Member Packets: coming soon…………

Local Yarn Shop Perks: (Linda Pahdoco)
We have contacted all of the local yarn shops about any kind of perks they could provide to our guild members. Margaret (Gourmet Yarn) has set something up for us through a vendor while she was at market (BIG THANKS to Margaret!!!). We will get more of the details on what it will be soon. We are still working with other yarn shops and will let you know if anything comes through.

***************** New Business *****************

The Metro Oklahoma City Knitting Guild is now listed on the national website for the Knitting Guild of America!!

*********** Educational Program: Enterlac ************

A BIG THANKS to Linda Pahdoco for showing us how to do Entrelac Knitting. Linda did a wonderful job of showing us various items made from this technique as well as showing us how to do entrelac knitting. GREAT JOB, Linda!