Thursday, December 27, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 12 December 2007

Greetings to all!
Whether it be Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or Christmas, we here at the OKC Metro Guild wish each and everyone of you a very Happy Holiday.

Our December Guild meeting was wonderful and so relaxing. Our business meeting was kept to a minimal and we spent the time visiting with each other, eating some very yummy goodies, and sharing Holiday Traditions. Thanks to Terri for organizing this event and a BIG THANKS to each of the members who braved the weather and got out for the meeting.

Our next meeting will be Sunday, January 20th. We will be voting on two new Board members - President and Secretary. There have been several nominations. We are still in the process of receiving answers from some of them. I will try and post the nominees sometime next week so you have some time to think about who you would like to vote for. Voting will take place at our January 08 meeting.

Keela Mostick will be presenting at our January 20th meeting. Her educational topic will be "Adding Croschet Edgings." You won't want to miss it!

Again, have a wonderful holiday......and a safe & happy new year! See you in 2008!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 11b December 2007

Hi to all! Hope this finds you safe and warm. Tomorrow is our December Guild meeting. As of this time, we are still planning on meeting at the Belle Isle Library at 3:00. If for some reason, the meeting is cancelled due to bad weather, please check either your email or one of your local TV stations for cancellation notice. Thanks! If you have any questions, you can email any of the board members.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 11 November 2007

Happy Thanksgiving.....
The members of the OKC Metro Knit Guild Board would like to wish each knitter out there a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving. We are grateful for your enthusiasm, your support, and your encouragement. Have a wonderful day this week with your family and friends.

******************* What Happened This Week! ***********************

TKGA - The Knit Guild Association
OKC Metro Knit Guild is associated with TKGA. If you would like to become a member of TKGA, you can go online to sign up. Their site is

Knitting Charities - Linda
Tis' the season....for knitting for any of our charities. OKC Metro Knit Guild is involved in two different charity opportunities. Precious Pals provides stuffed animals with knitted outfits to the Sheriff's department for them to use with children who have suffered some kind of trauma. We are also involved with Baptist Hospital's Neonatal unit and making hats, booties, and burial buntings for them. If you have any questions about what you can do, see Linda.

OKC Metro Knit Guild Library - Bethany
We have a lot of wonderful knitting books available to members of the Guild. Bethany brings books each month that you can check out and work from. If there is anything in particular that you would like for her to bring, email her and she will be happy to bring it.

Holiday Party - Terri
Our holiday party is less than a month away. Here are some things we will be doing at it:
* Our presentation will be for each member (who wants to) to share a holiday tradition they enjoy.
* We will have a Dirty Santa gift exchange - keep it simple and inexpensive.
* Bring a covered dish - sign up on our yahoo group as to what you will be bringing
* If you have a pattern that you can share (remember copyright laws), bring enough for the whole group.

Nominations - Brenda or Anita
Nominations are now being taken for the President and Secretary position. If you would like to serve in either of these positions or you have someone in mind who would be great in either of these positions, please let Brenda or Anita know. We would like to have as many nominations as possible by our December meeting so you can be thinking about them before we vote in January or February.

************** Educational Program - Terri Derrick ***********

Our program this month featured Terri showing and telling us all about the wonderful internet sites available to knitters. Here are just a few sites that she shared with us:

Thanks Terri for sharing these sites, and more, with us!

******************************Next Meeting**********************************
Holiday Party
Sunday, December 16, 2007
Belle Isle Library
3:00 p - 5:00 p

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 10 October 2007

Welcome back to Susan, our Guild Founder. It was good to see her smiling face at our meeting Sunday. We also had lots of new faces visiting us for the first time. A big WELCOME to everyone who came to the meeting for the first time. It is great to see our guild growing. If you weren’t at the meeting, here’s what you missed!

******************** Reports ********************

Guild Library (Bethany)
Bethany reminded us of the various types of books available for member use. She showed us one book about Teddy Bear Knits. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to http://www.okcknitlibrary.blogspot/. If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Terri Derrick)
· Holiday Party: Our holiday party will take place in December. If you would like to help or have some ideas for some activities, please let Terri know. Terri has set up a database on our yahoo group page that will allow you to sign up and show what you will be bringing. Check it out at:

Finances (Keela Mostek)
Keela gave us an update on Finances.

Swap Meet (Susan Barrington)
Reminded us how the swap works – you can exchange yarn, knitting accessories, or magazines for equal value. If you weren’t able to participate in this one, we will do another swap in March of next year.

********** Old Business **************************

Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: A list of the educational topics has been set up for the new year. We will get them posted within the next few weeks.

TKGA – The Knitting Guild Association: Information and applications are available at each meeting. If you would like to join TKGA, you can fill out one of the applications or enroll online. If you want further information, check them out at

Nominating Committee: A committee was set up to take names for next year’s election. Two of our board officers – President and Secretary – will be voted on and replaced in January. The other two board officers – Vice President and Treasurer – will stay on an additional year to help with incoming officers. If you have anyone that you would like to nominate for the office of President or Secretary, please let the following people know before or by December 8th:
Brenda Asher
Anita Roseler

**************** New Business ***************************

Metro Family Magazine: We are CELEBRITIES!!! The OKC Metro Knitting Guild was spotlighted in the October issue of Metro Family Magazine. You can find copies of the magazine wherever free publications are hosted (such as WalMart).

Build-A-Bear: There was some discussion about getting together as a group one afternoon at either Penn Square or Quail Springs Mall to stuff a bear and then sit and knit. Not only would it create exposure for the Guild, but would also aid in collecting bears and bear sweaters for our Precious Pals charity program. If you are interested in participating, contact Kathy Knox or Terri Derrick.

******** Educational Program - Mosaic Knitting *********

A big THANKS to Jo Ellyn for sharing her multitude of knitting skills with us. Jo Ellyn introduced us to Mosaic Knitting at our October meeting. She showed us how easy it is to knit two colors together into various patterns. Thanks Jo Ellyn for doing a great job!

November Meeting: CyberKnitting
Sunday, November 18 @ 3:00 p.m.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 9 September 2007

September brings some good news! We were excited to learn that Susan is doing better and her last checkup showed she is cancer free. What a great start to our meeting today. Here is more news from today……

************************ Reports ************************

Charity Knitting (Linda Pahdoco)
* Our charity contributions of infant accessories (hats, buntings, etc) are going well. Current needs are hats for full-term babies. However, continue to keep those preemie hats and burial buntings coming.
* Anna brought in lots of teddy bears that we can use for our Precious Pals project. Sweater patterns for our bears are available at each meeting. We have a contact at the Oklahoma Sheriff’s department and will be making a contribution of Teddy Bears towards the end of the year.
* One of our newest members, Naomi, brought in lots of yarn that we can use for our charity knitting. If you would like to knit some things for charity and need some yarn, you are welcome to get some from the Guild’s stash. Thanks Naomi for sharing the yarn with us!

Guild Library (Bethany)
Bethany reminded us of the various types of books available for member use. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to www.okcknitlibrary.blogspot. If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Carolyn Faircloth)
· Beginner’s Kits: We are starting to run low on kits. If you have any extra totes, needles, yarn, and/or small cosmetic bags (used to keep knitting accessories in), please bring them to the next meeting.
· Holiday Party: Our holiday party will take place in December. If you would like to help or have some ideas for some activities, please let Terri know. Terri has set up a database on our yahoo group page for those interested. Check it out at:

Finances (Keela Mostek)
Financial update

Swap Meet (Carolyn Faircloth)
Next month is our Swap Meet. Susan Barrington is our chair person for this and we are looking forward to her return to our meetings. For the meet, bring any yarn/fiber, needles, books, magazines, etc. that you do not want and you can ‘swap’ it for something that someone else brings. It’s a great way to get new stuff!

********** Old Business **************************
Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: Carolyn has sent out a schedule of next year topics to those individuals who have volunteered to be presenters. Once she receives confirmation back from everyone, she will put all the information together and present to the Guild.

TKGA – The Knitting Guild Association: Information and applications are available at each meeting. If you would like to join TKGA, you can fill out one of the applications or enroll online. If you want further information, check them out at

**************** New Business ***************************
Nominating Committee: It’s getting close to that time! In a few months, we will be looking at nominating two new Executive Board Members for the year 2008. We would like to form a nomination committee that will keep track of those who are nominated (or volunteer) and help with the voting. If you would like to serve on the committee, let anyone of the current Executive Board members know. In the meantime, be thinking of people you would like to see serve on the Board.

Vol 2 Issue 8 August 2007

Happy August!
There is a lot happening at the OKC Metro Knit Guild. Thanks for being a part of our meeting today. Here’s what happened….

******************* Reports **************************

Charity Knitting (Carolyn Faircloth)
* Kathy Knox has stepped down from chairing this committee. We appreciate all the work she has done this year in this area and look forward to having her back in the chair position at a later time.
* Linda Pahdoco volunteered to take over this area. We welcome Linida and her many talents!
Charity Knitting Notebook: With the switchover in committee chair, our pattern notebook was not available today. It will be back at the meeting next week.

Guild Library (Bethany)
Reviewed some of the books we have in our Guild library. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to http://www.okcknitlibrary.blogspot/. If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Terri Derrick)
· Recapped our World Wide Knit In celebration.
· Beginner’s Kits: We are in need of size 8 or bigger needles.
· Gave out two beginner’s kits at the meeting (Hooray!!)

Finances (Keela Mostek)
* Financial update
* Passed out membership packets

Secretary (Brenda Asher)
New website is still being worked on.

********** Old Business **************************
Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: We have gotten a lot of suggestions for topics next year. Carolyn is working on a schedule and getting it all blocked out for next year.

By-Laws & Member Packets: Packets were handed out to everyone who has voluntarily contributed $5 or more to the Guild. If you have contributed money but were not able to get to the meeting today, we will have the packet for you at next month’s meeting.

**************** New Business ***************************
Holiday Party: Begin thinking about what you all would like to do for our Holiday Party. If you have any suggestions, let Terri Derrick know.

***** Educational Program: Janice Robinson ******
Wow! This presentation was great! Janice owns an alpaca farm just out of Oklahoma City. She showed us pictures of all of her alpacas and talked to us about the shearing process, how it goes to the mill, and comes back. She also showed us some things that were made with yarn made from alpacas.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 7 July 2007

Hello to all Knitters!

Our July meeting was FANTASTIC!! We had 21 people at our meeting - 11 of them were first time visitors and new to knitting. It was so exciting to see all the people who knit working with those who wanted to learn. A big thanks to so many of you who pitched in and helped out - you all are the BEST! I am looking forward to next month to see what they have accomplished during our absence. For those of you who were not able to make it, we missed you and look forward to seeing you next month. Have a wonderful month knitting!

************************ Reports ************************

Charity Knitting (Kathy Knox)
Kathy discussed updates on meeting with our contact at Baptist's NICU. She also talked about the Precious Pals program with TKGA.

Librarian (Bethany Mickle)
Bethany showed us a few examples of books we have available in our library. She also presented a new book that was sent to us from a Sales Rep with Tauton Press. The title of the book is "When Bad Things Happen to Good Knitters."

Beginning Knitters & Social (Terri Derrick)
We are doing well with our donations at this time; however, we appreciate any donations that can be used in putting together our beginning knitters totes.

Treasurer (Keela Mostek)
We still have several donated memberships available. If you would like to become a member of the Knit Guild and cannot make a monetary donations, please see Keela or any one of the board members.

Secretary (Brenda Asher)
We have our own web domain name now. Linda and I are in the midst of learning about it and trying to get it up and running. I am hoping that by August, we can have you accessing our web site instead of the blog.

************************ Old Business ************************

Profile Sheets
We thank all of you who have filled out a profile sheet. If you have not filled one out, you can pick up a profile sheet at the entry table at our meeting. If you need to update your information, you can email Carolyn or get with her at our next meeting.

2008 Educational Program
We are working on our educational programs for next year. If you have an idea of something you would like to learn or teach, please let one of the board members know.

Membership Packets
Our membership packets are close to being finished. Here are some of the things our packets will include:
>>> a membership card
>>> a copy of our by-laws
>>> TKGA application
>>> a list of current books in our library
>>> Knit Guild Membership Directory
>>> Officers contact list
>>> charity guide and pattersn
>>> A list of Oklahoma yarn shops
This should be available at our August meeting.

Promotional Fliers
The Oklahoma City Metropolitan Library has graciously created, printed and helped in distributing fliers about the OKC Metro Knit Guild. Fliers have been posted all around town at each of the libraries and in various other locations. A BIG thanks to Anita and others involved in this project!!

*********************** New Business *************************

Thank You Card
A thank you card was sent to Taunton Press for their book donation. All members at the guild meeting had the chance to sign their name to it.

Stitch and Pitch
For those of you who love to knit AND love to watch baseball, here's your chance. On August 6th in St. Louis, there will be a "Stitch and Pitch" event. For more information, you can check out their website at

********************** Educational Program ***********************

Keela Mostek did a wonderful job of showing us how easy it is to enter a knitted item in the Oklahoma State Fair. She talked about the various categories that you can enter an item in, showed us the paperwork involved, and showed us various samples of work (and her BLUE ribbons) that she has entered into the State Fair. Thanks for such a wonderful job, Keela!!!

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 6 June 07

Despite the fact that it was Father’s Day, we had a great turn out at the last Guild meeting. If you weren’t there, we missed you LOTS and hope to see you next month!

***************** Reports *****************

Charity Knitting (Carolyn Faircloth)
Hats, blankets, and bunting sets are still needed to help out local hospitals.
We are still looking for ways to collect bears to go with our TKGA charity project. If you have any donate or know of someone who would be willing to donate a bear, please let one of the board members know. We are hoping to make a presentation of our bears and sweaters in December.

Guild Library (Bethany)
A complete list of the titles available for checking out from the guild library is now available online. If you would like to view what is available, you can go to If you would like Bethany to bring anything specific to a guild meeting, just let her know.

Beginner Knitting/Social Committee (Carolyn Faircloth)
The public Knit In day was a huge success. Thanks to Terri and Anita for all their hard work in coordinating and getting this event together. Everyone who went had a wonderful time and new friends were made.

Finances (Keela Mostek)
There are 6 memberships that have been donated. If you would like to become a member and are unable to donate at this time, please see Keela and she will get you set up as a member.
A separate account has not been set up yet for the guild. We are still looking into the options and trying to figure out what will be best for the guild in the long run.

Secretary (Brenda Asher)
We are still working on the new website and hope to have that up and running before the summer is over. Thanks to Linda Pahdoco for all her hard work getting it started.
Knit Guild History Scrapbook: I am going to start working on a scrapbook showing the history and current happenings for the guild. If you have any information and/or pictures on how the guild was started and past meetings and events through now, please let me know. I would like to get it going and up to date by mid-August.

***************** Old Business *****************

Profile Sheets: If you haven’t filled one out, be sure to do so at the next meeting

2008 Educational Programs: We are working on getting our list of presenters lined up for 2008. If you would like to present at one of our meetings, please let Carolyn or one of the board members know. In addition, if you have any good ideas for next year, let us know!
By-Laws & Member Packets: coming soon…………

Local Yarn Shop Perks: (Linda Pahdoco)
We have contacted all of the local yarn shops about any kind of perks they could provide to our guild members. Margaret (Gourmet Yarn) has set something up for us through a vendor while she was at market (BIG THANKS to Margaret!!!). We will get more of the details on what it will be soon. We are still working with other yarn shops and will let you know if anything comes through.

***************** New Business *****************

The Metro Oklahoma City Knitting Guild is now listed on the national website for the Knitting Guild of America!!

*********** Educational Program: Enterlac ************

A BIG THANKS to Linda Pahdoco for showing us how to do Entrelac Knitting. Linda did a wonderful job of showing us various items made from this technique as well as showing us how to do entrelac knitting. GREAT JOB, Linda!

Friday, May 25, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 4 May 2007

A Note from the President…..
Many thanks, as always, for everyone's participation and input at the meeting and for the contributions of the precious baby items for the NICU!! I am so very proud to be a member of such a fantastic group!!!

I'm excited about our Knit In Public day at the library on June 9th!! Let's show up in force and let non-knitters know what they are missing!

As we go into the hot Oklahoma summer months it brings to mind that I used to think....years ago...that it was too hot to knit in the summer!! What was I thinking?!! There are so many options for small projects in cotton and other light weight fibers out there!! A perfect time for lace weight shawls, socks, baby projects, etc. So until next month...
Knit On!

**************** Reports **************************

Charity Knitting: With our recent affiliation with The Knitting Guild of American, we are now part of the nation wide charity program “Precious Pals.” For those who would like to, you can make clothing for stuffed bears that are used by our local law enforcement officials when they are dealing with children involved in traumatic experiences. Several copies of patterns for sweaters are in the Charity Notebook. You can pick them up at the next meeting!

Librarian: Welcome to our new librarian, Bethany Mickle. Bethany has created a new blog site showing what is available in our library. The site is: http://www.okcknitlibrary.blogspot/ . Thanks, Bethany!!!

Knit In Public (KIP) Day: Terri Derrick
Terri reminded us of the World Wide Knit In Public Day on Saturday, June 9th. Members of the Guild are going to meet downtown at the Ron Norrick Metro Library from 11:00 – 1:00 and knit in the atrium. For more information on the World Wide Knit In Day, check it out at

Treasurer Report: Keela Mostek
A payment of $25 was made to The Knit Guild of America for affiliation dues.

************** Old Business *****************

Profile Sheets: A reminder if you have not filled out a profile sheet yet, please do. Information from these sheets will be used to make up a membership directory.

Contributing Member Packets: Carolyn Faircloth
We are continuing our work on creating a membership packet for all contributing members. Enclosed in the packet will things like: a membership card, membership directory, officer contact list, list of all the yarn shops in the metro and surrounding areas (maybe even state-wide), etc. We are still trying to work out the details on some things. Hopefully we will have this together before to long.

Web Domain: Linda Pahdoco
A website has been secured and we are in the process of getting it formatted and ready to set up. We are excited about this as a website will provide us with new opportunities to promote member talents and the Guild. We will let you know when it is available.

*************** New Business **************

2008 Educational Topics
What would you like to learn in 2008? That is what everyone was asked at our meeting. A brainstorming sheet was sent around and ideas were collected for possible subjects in 2008. If you weren’t at the meeting and have some ideas, please let one of the board members know.

Holiday Party
Discussion was held to see if we wanted to have a holiday party in December again. The answer was unanimously “yes.” Plans will get underway as the holidays approach us.


It was good to have Melissa Ryan back with us. Melissa did a wonderful job educating us on the history of the various cable stitch patterns. She also gave us the low down on what books were available through the Public Library System. Melissa also showed us some different cable patterns made up into sweaters and afghans. Then Melissa got us going with a set of needles, a very easy cable pattern and a demonstration of how to work a cable stitch. GREAT JOB, MELISSA!

For further information regarding individual membership with The Knit Guild of America, see their website at:

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 3 April 2007

A Note from the President....
I am so honored that you have given me the opportunity to serve as your President this year! I appreciate your confidence in me and I will do my best to serve the Guild well. Thanks to each of you for your attendance and vote at the April Meeting. I am excited about the upcoming year and our efforts to "Build the Guild" and increase membership.

We really appreciate those of you who have contributed items for the NICU at Baptist Hospital. The Charity Table has been FULL of precious hats, booties, sweaters, buntings and blankets the past two months. Thank you, thank are all awesome!!

I also want to thank the Executive Committee and the Committee Chairs for stepping up and spending your time and talents to make our Guild the best that it can be. I couldn't do it without you!
Knit On!

Carolyn Faircloth

********************** REPORTS **********************

Charity Knitting (Kathy Knox)
* Kathy took her first trip to Baptist hospital to present them with the many items you have knitted for them. They were very excited and so appreciative.
* Pattern Notebook: A notebook is now on display at each meeting containing patterns for hats, booties, and layettes/buntings. Each member is encouraged to take copies of the different patterns to use for our Charity knitting. Thank you Kathy for coming up with this great idea and getting it started!

Beginner Kits (Terri Derrick)
* We could use more of the small cosmetic bags to place in the beginner kits. These bags are used to hold various knitting tools (scissors, counters, place holders, etc.) that knitters use. They do not have to expensive ones either. Terri suggested getting them from someplace like The Dollar Tree or similar store.

PR - Promoting the Guild (Terri Derrick)
* Saturday, June 9th marks the next date for the US Public Knit In. Terri has lined up the atrium at the Oklahoma City Public Library located in downtown OKC. We will meet that Saturday at 11am and knit in the atrium until 1pm. Fliers, posters, etc. will be used to tell interested people more about the Knit Guild. The address is 300 Park Ave (between Park and Hudson) and parking is free on the weekend.

Financial Report (Keela Mostek)
* Keela gave a report on what we currently have in our Guild account.
* She is still researching possibilities for establishing a Knit Guild bank account.

********************** OLD BUSINESS **********************
TKGA Affiliated
We are now affiliated with The Knit Guild of America!!! The vote was put before the members at our Sunday meeting as to whether we wanted to become affiliated with TKGA or not. The vote was 16-0 in favor of TKGA. Carolyn will be filling out the paperwork and getting the necessary information together in the next few weeks to send in to them. Thank you for all the questions and discussion prior to our voting. If you have any other questions, please let any of the board members know and we will be happy to try and answer them.

Profile Sheets
The board is encouraging that all members fill out a Profile sheet. The information on it will help us as a Guild to know each other better. The information listed on the profile sheets will be used at a later date in our membership directory. If you do not want any of your information to be listed in the membership directory, please make a note of it on your profile sheet.

New Librarian
A big THANKS to Bethany Mickel for volunteering to be the Knit Guild Librarian. We are excited to have her oversee this for us.

Membership Packets
Linda Pahdoco has been talking with several of the knit shops in Oklahoma City about some special incentives for members of the OKC Knit Guild. At this time, nothing has been decided yet and it may take a few more months to determine if this is something we will be able to do. Thank you Linda, for taking the time to work on this!

New Website
The Executive Board is currently looking into the possibility of setting up our own website. Our web blog has been a wonderful tool for getting information out to everyone, but limits us to the amount of space we have. In addition, we would like to expand the services and information available to our Guild Members. More on this later.....

********************** NEW BUSINESS **********************
Knit Guild Meeting Sign In
The Library has asked that each member come by the registration desk up in the Library and sign in for the meeting. This is for their records. The Library has been gracious enough to underwrite the cost of our meeting room for us. To show our support and to document that we are presenting educational programs, please take the time to stop by and sign in each month. Don't forget to sign our Guild book too down in the meeting room!

PR - Promoting the Guild
The Marketing Department for the Metro Library system has graciously agreed to meet with Carolyn Faircloth to help us design and set up brochures for our Guild. Carolyn is hoping to meet with them within in the next few weeks. The brochures will be used through the different libraries to advertise our Guild and meeting times. We will also get to use them as a public tool to reach out into the community and promote interest in the Guild.

Beginner Knitting Classes
The group discussed the idea of having a special time set aside to teach people the beginning steps to knitting. Several suggestions were discussed - having a special Sunday meeting day set aside devoted to beginner knitters only; having a beginner's knitting class separate from Guild meetings (i.e. on a Tues night). No dates or times were set by the group at this time. We will need to discuss it at future meetings. We will be advertising at our Public Knit In on June 9th that we are willing to show people how to knit.

****************** EDUCATIONAL PROGRAM ******************
Knitting With Beads ---- Jo Ellyn Wheeler
WOW....what an exciting program! Jo Ellyn showed us the various techniques for knitting with beads. She had some wonderful sample cards showing the different ways and types of beads you could use. In addition, she had samples ready for everyone to work with so they could experience knitting with beads. Thank you Jo Ellyn for taking the time to share your knowledge and talent with us!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 3 March 2007

Spring has SPRUNG!!
And so has our new board! The Executive Board met during the month of March to discuss some issues and come up with goals for the coming year. These items were discussed with the Guild at our March meeting. We appreciate all of you who were at the meeting and welcome your comments and suggestions. For those of you who were not able to attend, we certainly missed you and look forward to seeing you next month.

We had approximately 22 members at our meeting with several new beginners. If you know of anyone who would like to learn how to knit or just interested in being with a great group of knitters, be sure and invite them to our April meeting. The more the merrier!!

************ Officer & Committee Reports ************
Charity Knitting – Kathy
* Charity Caps:
Thanks for all who knitted caps for our hospital outreach. We were very low the month before, but now have a lot to give to the hospital.
* Charity Knitting Pattern Notebook: Kathy is setting up a notebook that will have copies of patterns you can take and make up for our charity. The notebook will be on the table along with the Membership book.
* Challenge of the Month: Kathy has issued a challenge to all members – knit a hat from the pattern she handed out at the meeting. Just think of all the little heads we will be protecting and keeping warm…..I’m going to give it a try!

Beginner Knitting Kits – Terri
We are so excited that Terri is going to continue as chairperson for this committee. She is doing a great job!
* Donations: We are doing pretty good with our kits right now. Donations are always welcomed.
* Beginner Classes: We discussed the idea of some beginner knitting classes in the future.
We had several new visitors at our March meeting who were interested in learning how to knit. Terri handed out at least 3 beginner kits. YIPEE! Let’s keep it up.

Finances - Keela
* Financial Report: Keela gave us a beginning and ending balance for the month.
* Membership donations: She reminded us that if we wanted to donate money into our account, we could. The cost is $5.
* Checking Account: Keela has been looking into several banks and options to open up a checking account for the Guild. At the moment, she has not established an account yet with any bank.

Newsletter/Blog – Brenda
Every effort is being made to update the blog within 2 days of the meeting. However, please keep in mind, that there are times when additional communication needs to be added and it may take a couple of days longer. We will try to add a couple of pictures from our meeting with each update starting next month.

Librarian - Carolyn
Carolyn reminded us that we have a source of knitting information in our library for anyone who is interested in checking anything out. A link is posted on our blog that will take you to a list of books we offer.

************ Old Business ************
Member Profile Sheets
If you have not filled out a member profile sheet or need to update your sheet, please do so at the next meeting. We are looking at putting together a Membership Directory in the near future.

Open Committee Positions
We did have two positions open for committee chairs. One was filled at the meeting, leaving one still open.
* Social Committee: The Guild would like to welcome and thank Terri Derrick for heading this committee. Terri & her group will be responsible for promoting and putting together any social event during our year. They will also aid us with our membership drive. If you are interested in working with Terri, please let her or any of the Board members know.
* Librarian: We are still looking for someone to head this position. If you are interested, please contact Carolyn (current committee chair) or any Board member.

************ New Business ************
We would like to establish some by-laws this year. The Board looked over several different ideas for creating by-laws and presented them to the members at our March meeting. Some of the options presented were:
1. To become affiliated with TKGA (The Knitting Guild of America). They already have by-laws in place and we would abide under them. Check out TKGA. If you did not get a list of the pros/cons for joining up with TKGA, email Brenda . I will be happy to email you a copy of it.
2. Create our own by-laws (similar or different from TKGA)
We ask that everyone consider both options and be ready to vote on the issue at our April meeting.

Public Knit-In (June 9th)
On Saturday, June 9th, we would like to join thousands of knitters across America in a public Knit-In event. If you have any ideas or suggestions on where we could meet and what we could do, let Terri know.

Guild Goals
During the next year, there are several things the Board would like to accomplish. We have tried to prioritize them according to their importance, but welcome any suggestions you might have to help us achieve them.
* Membership drive/Guild promotion: promoting our Guild more within the community through pamphlets, advertising, and flyers to get more people knitting
* Member Benefits: we would like to have a ‘membership’ card for all of those who have contributed to our funds. We are hoping that we can get some of our local and online vendors to give special discounts or have special promotions for those who have a Guild membership card.
* Membership Directory: showing who our members are and spotlighting their talents
* Guest Articles: possibly having various vendors/shop owners contribute articles to our newletter
* New Website: possibly going from a blog to an actual web domain.

************ Educational Program ************
Illusion Knitting - Kathy
Kathy gave us some great information regarding Illusion knitting. She shared some great resources with us (from the library and online) and showed us some examples of what Illusion knitting looks like. Thanks for all the information, Kathy!

********** UPCOMING MEETINGS & EVENTS for 2007 **********
All meetings take place on the third Sunday of each month at the Belle Isle Library. Meetings are from 3:00-5:00pm.

April 15
Meeting Agenda: Vote on Affiliation with TKGA or not
Educational Program - Knitting with Beads (Jo Ellyn Wheeler)

Future Educational Programs:
May 20 Cable Knitting
June 17 Enterlac
July 15 Duplicate Stitch

Monday, February 26, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2007

Welcome to a new Board….
February’s meeting brought in a new set of Board members for the 2007-08 year. Elections were held and the following new board members were elected:
> President: Carolyn Fairchild
> Vice President: Linda Pahdoco
> Treasurer: Keela Mostek
> Secretary: Brenda Asher
The board would like you all to know that we are excited about continuing with Susan’s vision – that the Oklahoma City Knit Guild grow and reach those who are interested in knitting and serving our community. We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.

Swap Meet
Are you ready for ‘swap meet’? We will have our next swap meet at our March meeting. It’s easy to participate in – simply bring any knitting item (needles, yarn, books, etc.) that you are no longer using or want and swap it for something that someone else brought and you can use. Come in March and enjoy!

Charity Knitting
The Guild would like to welcome Kathy Knox as the new chair person for our charity knitting. We are excited to have Kathy representing us. She will do a great job! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with her.

List Moderators
Two new list moderators volunteered. Joyce Morris and Brenda Asher will now be moderating the guild listserv.

Magic Loop Presentation
Anita Roesler did a wonderful job of teaching us how to knit using the Magic Loop method. Great job, Anita!!

Guild Librarian
We are looking for a volunteer to head our Guild library. If you are interested, please let Carolyn know.

********** UPCOMING EVENTS **********

Meeting Dates and Times:

March 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
>>>> SWAP MEET will also take place today!

April 15, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Knitting with Beads – Jo Ellyn Wheeler

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 1 January 2007

This Will Be The Year……
to learn some wonderful new things in knitting and our January meeting proved it! After the business part of the meeting, 30 of us got out our homework and Susan started our year of knitting growth with a lesson on how to do short rows. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! It was neat to hear all the different ideas of how it could be used – washcloths, baby blankets, etc. Such a creative group! I am looking forward to all the wonderful things we can learn this year and our growth as a group.

Lots of things were discussed at our January meeting. If you weren’t there, we missed you and hope you will be able to join us in February. In the meantime, here are some of the things discussed:

Beginner Kit Project
We are still in need of donations for our beginner knitting kits. These kits are handed out free to those who express an interest in learning how to knit. Here are the items that are given.
* bag – some kind of tote to hold their knitting items
* skeins of yarn
* needles – short, sizes 7 or 8 (we are very low on needles)
* cosmetic type bag to hold scissors and knitting accessories
* DVD or CD-Rom showing basic “how-to” knit.

Personal Profiles
If you have not filled out a Personal Profile sheet, please do so at the next meeting. A Guild booklet is being put together so we can get to know each other better.

Knitting Library
Carolyn reminded us that a list of the books we have in our library can be found online on our website. Books can be checked out for as long as you need it. If you have a book for longer than a month, please recheck it out each month.

Knit Out Day
Saturday, February 17th is Knit Out Day! Take your knitting public that day and show others the joy of knitting.

Nominations for 2007 Board Members
A final list of board nominees was announced at the meeting. We will be voting on board members at our February meeting.

Board Members Term Limits
Guild members also took the opportunity to discuss term limits for each board member. Here is what was decided:
* Voting for new board members will take place yearly, in January
* Board members will be rotated off the board two at a time
First year: voting will take place for new President and Secretary
Following year: voting will take place for Vice President and Treasurer
This will allow us to keep some continuity in the board by having people who are familiar with what is going on help new people rotating onto the board.
* Board members will have a limit of 2 years on the board and then they have to rotate off. They can serve on the board again after a minimum of one year off the board.

Guild Dues Donation
The discussion of dues was opened again. Since we are meeting at the Library, we are not allowed to charge people to attend our meetings. However, we felt that it would help us as a group to have some type of membership donation. The money would be used to help bring in special speakers, provide materials for charitable projects we undertake, and supplies that might be needed. Several dollar amounts were suggested. After much discussion, it was decided that each guild member would try to donate $5 a year. We are asking that the membership donation be made by our March meeting.

Charity Connections
Anna announced the conclusion of the charity knitting contest and the three winners. They were:
First Place: Ginny
Second Place: Keela
Third Place: JoEllyn

Congratulations to all of you who made hats, booties, and blankets for this project!!!

********** VERY IMPORTANT NEWS **************

Meeting Dates and Times:

February 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Magic Loop Method – Anita Roesler

March 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Cable Knitting – Melissa Ryan
>>>> SWAP MEET will also take place today!