Saturday, November 25, 2006

Vol I Issue 10 November 2006

Holiday Greetings to All!
Hope this finds you all doing well after eating all of that Turkey. We had a wonderful meeting last week. Kay, our Vice-President, did a great job conducting the meeting. We had a room full of members, with three new guests. A lot was discussed and knitted. Here are the items discussed:

Christmas Party (Cathy)
* Date:
The Christmas party will be held at our next Guild meeting on Sunday, December 17 at the library
* Gift Exchange: We decided to have a “Dirty Santa” exchange instead of drawing names. Everyone who wants to participate needs to bring a gift (maximum $10). We will choose numbers and then choose gifts!
* Food: It was suggested that we bring finger food. A sign up list was sent around for extra things such as punch, plates, and cups.
* Special Books: Beth is going to put together two special books – one that has our favorite finger food recipes and one that has instructions for our favorite Christmas ornaments. If you have a recipe or ornament design that you would like included in the books, email them to Beth.

Profile Sheets (Kay)
If you have not filled out a Profile Sheet, please do so at the next meeting. These sheets will be used to help learn about each other.

Nominations for 2007 Board Members (Cathy & Jo Ellen)
At this time, we are low on nominations for new board members. The committee has one or two names for each position. If you have any suggestions or you would like to serve on the board, let either Cathy or Jo Ellen know. Elections will take place in January.

Charity Connections (Anna)
Anna updated us on how many of your knitted items have been donated to help out our local charities. Since April, we have donated 138 items, ranging rom hats, booties, blankets, and bunting sets. Great job to all you knitters! Thanks to Anna for keeping us focused on these little ones.

Beginning Knitter’s Kits
We are in need of short knitting needles, size 7 or 8, and any kind of DVD giving knitting instructions.

Yarn Exchange
Need some fashionable yarn? We have just what you need. Different yarn companies have been gracious enough to contribute yarn for our charity projects. However, some of the yarn is not what we can use. Bring a skein of acrylic yarn and you can get a skein of fashionable yarn in exchange. Check it out!!

2007 Growing With Each Stitch
Susan has put together a wonderful list of program ideas for 2007. If you would like to help teach any one or more of the suggested topics, be sure to sign up at our next guild meeting. Let’s make 2007 a year of learning and growth!!

Know Your Fibers – Linda Pahdoco
Our program concluded with Linda giving us some wonderful information about the various fibers that knitters can use. She showed us different natural fibers as well as acrylics. Thank you Linda for helping us learn about the different yarns we have available to knit with!

********** VERY IMPORTANT NEWS **************

Meeting Dates and Times:

December Meeting - Christmas Party: Sunday, December 17th from 3:00 – 5:00

January Meeting – Board Elections & Not Your Mother's Dischcloth: Sunday, January 28th from 3:00 – 5:00 (please note this is the 4th Sunday; the library is not available the 3rd Sunday)