Monday, February 26, 2007

Volume 2 Issue 2 February 2007

Welcome to a new Board….
February’s meeting brought in a new set of Board members for the 2007-08 year. Elections were held and the following new board members were elected:
> President: Carolyn Fairchild
> Vice President: Linda Pahdoco
> Treasurer: Keela Mostek
> Secretary: Brenda Asher
The board would like you all to know that we are excited about continuing with Susan’s vision – that the Oklahoma City Knit Guild grow and reach those who are interested in knitting and serving our community. We thank you for your support and look forward to serving you in the upcoming year.

Swap Meet
Are you ready for ‘swap meet’? We will have our next swap meet at our March meeting. It’s easy to participate in – simply bring any knitting item (needles, yarn, books, etc.) that you are no longer using or want and swap it for something that someone else brought and you can use. Come in March and enjoy!

Charity Knitting
The Guild would like to welcome Kathy Knox as the new chair person for our charity knitting. We are excited to have Kathy representing us. She will do a great job! If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them with her.

List Moderators
Two new list moderators volunteered. Joyce Morris and Brenda Asher will now be moderating the guild listserv.

Magic Loop Presentation
Anita Roesler did a wonderful job of teaching us how to knit using the Magic Loop method. Great job, Anita!!

Guild Librarian
We are looking for a volunteer to head our Guild library. If you are interested, please let Carolyn know.

********** UPCOMING EVENTS **********

Meeting Dates and Times:

March 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
>>>> SWAP MEET will also take place today!

April 15, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Knitting with Beads – Jo Ellyn Wheeler

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Vol 2 Issue 1 January 2007

This Will Be The Year……
to learn some wonderful new things in knitting and our January meeting proved it! After the business part of the meeting, 30 of us got out our homework and Susan started our year of knitting growth with a lesson on how to do short rows. I couldn’t believe how easy it was! It was neat to hear all the different ideas of how it could be used – washcloths, baby blankets, etc. Such a creative group! I am looking forward to all the wonderful things we can learn this year and our growth as a group.

Lots of things were discussed at our January meeting. If you weren’t there, we missed you and hope you will be able to join us in February. In the meantime, here are some of the things discussed:

Beginner Kit Project
We are still in need of donations for our beginner knitting kits. These kits are handed out free to those who express an interest in learning how to knit. Here are the items that are given.
* bag – some kind of tote to hold their knitting items
* skeins of yarn
* needles – short, sizes 7 or 8 (we are very low on needles)
* cosmetic type bag to hold scissors and knitting accessories
* DVD or CD-Rom showing basic “how-to” knit.

Personal Profiles
If you have not filled out a Personal Profile sheet, please do so at the next meeting. A Guild booklet is being put together so we can get to know each other better.

Knitting Library
Carolyn reminded us that a list of the books we have in our library can be found online on our website. Books can be checked out for as long as you need it. If you have a book for longer than a month, please recheck it out each month.

Knit Out Day
Saturday, February 17th is Knit Out Day! Take your knitting public that day and show others the joy of knitting.

Nominations for 2007 Board Members
A final list of board nominees was announced at the meeting. We will be voting on board members at our February meeting.

Board Members Term Limits
Guild members also took the opportunity to discuss term limits for each board member. Here is what was decided:
* Voting for new board members will take place yearly, in January
* Board members will be rotated off the board two at a time
First year: voting will take place for new President and Secretary
Following year: voting will take place for Vice President and Treasurer
This will allow us to keep some continuity in the board by having people who are familiar with what is going on help new people rotating onto the board.
* Board members will have a limit of 2 years on the board and then they have to rotate off. They can serve on the board again after a minimum of one year off the board.

Guild Dues Donation
The discussion of dues was opened again. Since we are meeting at the Library, we are not allowed to charge people to attend our meetings. However, we felt that it would help us as a group to have some type of membership donation. The money would be used to help bring in special speakers, provide materials for charitable projects we undertake, and supplies that might be needed. Several dollar amounts were suggested. After much discussion, it was decided that each guild member would try to donate $5 a year. We are asking that the membership donation be made by our March meeting.

Charity Connections
Anna announced the conclusion of the charity knitting contest and the three winners. They were:
First Place: Ginny
Second Place: Keela
Third Place: JoEllyn

Congratulations to all of you who made hats, booties, and blankets for this project!!!

********** VERY IMPORTANT NEWS **************

Meeting Dates and Times:

February 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Magic Loop Method – Anita Roesler

March 18, 2007 3:00-5:00pm Belle Isle Library
Cable Knitting – Melissa Ryan
>>>> SWAP MEET will also take place today!