Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Volume 4, Issue No. 1, January 18, 2009

From our President:

Welcome 2009!
How exciting to start off the new year with 11 visitors at our first meeting. We had an incredible group of visitors with 7 of them wanting to learn how to knit. I greatly appreciate all of the members pitching in at the end of the meeting to help these women get a start and I am looking forward to seeing them back at future meetings.

Our first meeting of the year also brought in two new officers. I am excited to get to know Emily and Judy as we work together this year for the Guild. Emily Schnabl will be our Vice President and Judy Bland will be our Treasurer. They will be wonderful assets to the board and Guild.

In addition, a HUGE thanks goes out to Linda Pahdoco and Keela Mostek for all the work they have done the past two years.

Thanks to all the members who brought some creative ideas for keeping knitting journals and organizing your stash. There were some great ideas shared and it was nice to hear from everyone. Next month, Polly will be talking to us about how knitting is used sometimes for art. I am looking forward to seeing what she has to show us.

Until next month…..happy knitting!

Brenda Asher



The meeting was called to order by Brenda A. who gave an enthusiastic welcome to our newcomers. Brenda began the introduction/show and share by showing her charity project and socks! Around the room the attendees introduced themselves and displayed their current projects. There were all manner of hats, scarves, socks, shawls, sweaters, and other knitted items either on the needles or complete. I was unable to make a comprehensive list, so if I missed your project, please let me know and I'll add it,


Executive Board Reports

Keela M. gave her final Treasurer's report, to wit: The guild began the month with $708.97, had no expenses or other cash outlays and ended the month with $708.97.

Brenda gave the Charity Knitting report, as Linda P. was unable to attend. She explained the two charity projects for the newcomers and answered questions regarding the Integris NICU and the Precious Pals program through the Knitting Guild of America. There is a contest going on this month: the knitter bringing the most baby items will win a prize. Brenday also put out a call for bears for the Precious Pals project. Any size bear would be appreciated! She announced that later in the year there will be consecutive presentations on knitting for bears.


Old business: None


New business:

- A volunteer sheet was sent around for knitters to sign up to teach newcomers.

- Elections: Brenda gave a heartfelt thanks to Linda P. and Keela M. for their hard work during their tenures as officers of the Guild. We gave them a hand for jobs well done. The new officers were announced and welcomed by Brenda. Emily Schnabl is the Guild's new Vice President and Judy Land is our new Treasurer.

- The floor was opened for other new business and several opportunities were mentioned by members for the guild to promote knitting. Various suggestions were to participate in the Choctaw Land Run, the Medieval Fair, and the Oklahoma State Fair. Time constraints and requirements for participation were discussed as well as participation in the Annual Knit in Public day and other fun activities.


Educational Program

The educational presentation on Knitting Journals and Organization drew on the expertise and experience of all the membership. Various members shared their tips for tracking projects, which included forms, lists, dates, swatches (!), ball bands and other project information organized in many different ways, from notes in portable journals, to forms printed and kept in a binder, to notes kept on index cards. JoEllyn W. promoted the use of plastic sleeves for swatches and patters as well as the two binder system, one for projects that might be repeated and one labeled, "Never again!" Needle, pattern, and publication organizational tips were varied and ranged widely. Spinners and knitters alike declared the Zip Loc bag a national treasure, invaluable for project organization. The features of each method of organization were discussed at some length. Members then relaxed for a few minutes of knitting among friends while several volunteers worked with the new knitters. The meeting broke up aroung 5:20 p.m.


February's meeting will feature Knitting as Art. Please plan to join us February 15. See you there!