Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Volume 3, Issue 8, October 19, 2008

From our President:

Greetings to all!
I want to thank each of you that attended our Guild meeting on Sunday. We had approximately 20 members and 2 visitors. It was nice to see a few more faces and discuss some issues at hand. Your input is very valuable to me and the other board members. We want to know what you are thinking as well as what you would like to see happen. Several members had some great ideas that we hope to explore and see how they would work for our guild.

There was one item that I meant to put on the agenda and missed it. That is our Holiday party. We have discussed ideas at previous meetings, but I want us to be sure to decide on what we want to do when we come together as a group in November.

In addition, we are in the process of updating our flyers that the Library does for us. It has been a work in progress for a few months now and for various reasons has been slow getting done. Hopefully we will have those by our next meeting.

Until November……
Enjoy the fall and keep knitting!



Our meeting began with a welcome from Brenda, especially to the new visitors. We went around the room sharing our current projects. There was some discussion of our members checking out knitting books when visiting the libraries. Anita recommended that our membership not be shy about suggesting knitting book titles to the library and directed us to a link on the search page of the catalog. The link is "Suggest a Title". The more we circulate the materials in the system, the more likely the library will purchase more for us!

Executive Board Reports

Treasurer's Report (Keela)

Last month's balance was $688.97. There were no expenses to report and a deposit of $20.00, bringing this month's balance to $708.97. The taxes are done.


Committee Reports

Library/Book Review (Bethany)

Our librarian has asked the members to email her or contact her through Ravelry to request any books they would like to check out next month.


New Business

Charity Knitting (Linda)

Linda delivered the baby items to Integris and thanked the members for participating in putting together care packages for deployed service members. One of our members, a Blue Star Mother, directed anyone who would like to continue to contribute to the Blue Star Mothers' web site for information: http://www.okbluestarmothers.org/donations.htm.

There was discussion of asking a representative from the Sheriff's office to the November or December meeting to be presented with our bears.

The subject of finding other outlets for our infant items was discussed at some length, with several opportunities being suggested, such as Children's Hospital, the Red Cross, and even WIC centers.

Additionally, a call went out for donations of baby yarn for this project. Please toss those stashes for some spare skeins for babies in need!

In other new business, we are casting about for program ideas for next year. Knit alongs, swatch of the month, and themed parties were put before the membership for their consideration. Another of our members suggested book reviews and another suggested a study of knitting across cultures. When the subject of bringing in an author was brought up, Carolyn told us that The Knitting Guild of America's web site has a list of author/teachers who are willing to make presentations. The membership will decide on next year's presentations next month. New ideas are always welcome, so please feel free to share.

Our president will be sending an online survey to the membership to gauge what we would like to accomplish.

Looking ahead to January, Brenda asked the members to consider running for the offices of Vice President and Treasurer. Elections are right around the corner and GUILD NEEDS YOU!


Jo Ellyn Wheeler gave the presentation this month on Color Knitting. She had examples of all kinds of color work, from simple stripes and slipped stitch to mosaic, fair isle and duplicate stitch.


Following the presentation, the swap meet began, and the participants had a great time.

Remaining meetings for the year
Sunday, November 16th
Sunday, December 14th

Sara Braden - Correcting Knitting Errors
(this may be a good time to bring any knitting disasters you might like to work on!)
Anita Roesler - Deciphering Stitch Patterns

Volunteers for beginning Knitters
Carolyn Faircloth and Amanda Clemons

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Don't forget that there will be a swap meet at this month's meeting! Participants should bring their knitting/crocheting related items and be ready to SWAP! That's this Sunday, October 19, at 3:00, Belle Isle Library. See you there!

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Volume 3, Issue 7, September 21, 2008

Thanks to all who attended our September meeting. The meeting opened at 3:10 p.m. with Vice President Linda Pahdoco welcoming members and newcomers. It was brought to our attention that the phone number in the Library’s newsletter is out of service and needs to be updated. In other announcements, our own highly accomplished Jo Ellen Wheeler is now a published designer. Her pattern for a beaded bag appears in the October issue of Creative Knitting. Brava, Jo Ellen! Kudos also go to Katherine Cantrell who won among other ribbons, a Best in Show for handweaving at the State Fair. Oh, my, she won ribbons for hand spinning, hand knitting (socks!), and quilting. Way to go, Katherine! Anna Hester won Best in Show for Finished Project from handspun (a crocheted hat) and many other ribbons for hand knitted or crocheted fashion accessories, baby blankets, and home accessories. All together Anna entered 18 items and won ribbons for all of them – fantastic! We are fortunate to have so much talent in our guild! Here is the link to all the results from the fair – if we have missed anyone, please let us know: http://www.okstatefair.com:80/creative_arts_results.asp

Additionally, the Belle Isle Library will continue to be the location for our meetings through June of 2009.

Committee Reports

Treasurer’s Report (Keela)
The current balance in the Guild’s treasury is $688.97.

Knit Guild Library (Bethany)
Anita reminds us to be sure to make use of the Metropolitan Library’s collection of knitting books. If books are not circulating, they will be pulled from the shelves. It was suggested that we check out a knitting book each time we go to the library – this is a great idea!

Charity Knitting (Linda)
Linda requested that guild members go through their stashes for excess yarn to donate for the charity knitting projects. There were several very smartly dressed bears turned in as well.

Beginning Knitting
Melissa volunteered to take the teaching duties this week.

Linda Pahdoco gave a presentation on decrease methods.

New Business

There was a brief discussion of the goals of the guild to sponsor a knitting event, such as inviting the author of a new book to come and make a presentation, class or talk, or perhaps teach a class or seminar.

One of our new attendees, Rita Busch, may be able to host the Knitters’ Guild meetings in the future at her studio in Bethany.

There was a brief discussion of the Ravelry web site and its benefits for members.


Upcoming Presentations

* October 19: Color Knitting - Jo Ellyn Wheeler
* November 16: Correcting Knitting Errors - Sara Braden
* December 14: Deciphering Stitch Patterns - Anita Roesler